Underbed Storage for Off-Season Clothes


Storage is often a number one issue for families living full-time on an RV, and stuff that isn’t being used is usually quickly jettisoned. But what about off-season clothes? What about that one formal dress, or the suit you need for an occasional formal occasion? What if you need to store ski pants or keep your wetsuit and snorkel handy, but not in with your undies and socks? Why take up valuable closet and drawer space for clothes you only need occasionally? Even though we get paid a small commission if you click on our links in this article, our opinions are truly our own! Find out which boxes we used and how it’s worked out…

Under Bed Storage Boxes

We solved our off-season clothing storage with a simple, time-tested solution: under the bed. When we converted our original RV bed with a storage base to an adjustable bed base, we didn’t want to lose the storage space underneath the bed. Luckily for us, the modularly sized storage containers we’d previously purchased for our basement pantry storage offered a size that was perfect to allow us four separate storage boxes – one for each family member.

Sterilite 10 Gallon Stacker Box

We chose the Sterilite stacker boxes with heavy duty latches when we picked our storage bins for the RV. These bins offer heavy duty, clear plastic sides, beefy handles that latch securely and bottoms which nestle into the top of another box allowing stackability. The smooth bottoms also slide easily. For the underbed storage, the 10-gallon size, measuring 18.5″ x 25.5″ x 7.1″ was perfect – they fit snugly and rarely shift, even when under way. And bonus – the cat can’t hide under the bed anymore! w00t!


The system as a whole is modular – you can mix and match sizes and still be able to take advantage of the space-savings offered by the design and switch them out when needed. We have label holders on each box so that we can easily change what’s inside. We’ve been using these Sterilite latching, stacking storage containers extensively throughout the rig (and some in our sticks and bricks as well!) with no breakage, issues with clouding or discoloration or even bending. We’re very satisfied, and would not only recommend these to a friend, we’d buy them again!



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