Favorite Things: This Brass Train Rack


Once we got past the abundance of brass on our rig (we’re going with a train theme…yeah, that’s it), we decided to embraced the richness of brass, walnut, cream and red as our palette. This brass train rack – we just love it. We found this gem on Amazon.com, and have been thrilled with the look and the functionality. It fits our space just perfectly and isn’t garish or overbearing.

The beauty of this train rack is that although it offers terrific storage: it has four double hooks, a shelf and a hanging bar so we have space for robes, hats, clothes that are hanging out for the night, swimsuits that need to air, etc., it is compact and folds up against the wall. If it were ever empty, that is!

This has been one of our most prized additions to our bedroom on the RV. Although this particular model is no longer available (boo!) there are dozens of other options in stainless, nickel, and darker finishes like oil rubbed bronze, many of which share the same features as ours – some even have baskets up top. If you’re looking for a decorative element that you could mount over the door or on the back of a wall to provide additional storage on your motorhome, a train rack might be the answer!


Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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Cost: ~$70.00

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