Throw Pillow Covers to Add Beauty, Color and Style – For CHEAP!


I’m always on the lookout for functional ways to add color and personality to our RV and I’ve been looking at throw pillow covers lately – yes, just the covers! They’re inexpensive, come in a huge variety of fun patterns, colors and themes, and you can easily replace them if needed or desired. As I was browsing, I kept finding the perfect pillow…for someone else’s RV! I’m thinking of our many friends and acquaintances online and in real life, and imagining these pillows as gifts for LOTS of people…including future me!

Most of these pillow covers are less than $10 each – some as low as a buck or two and they can be stuffed with your own down or polyester pillow inserts, with loose fill or stuffing, or as some RVers have suggested, with extra sheets, towels, winter coats and other soft items for storage. I’m thinking of buying a half dozen or so that I can switch out with the seasons, the holidays, or my mood!

NOTE: Below are pillow covers – sold without inserts. Scroll to the bottom of the article to find the link to buy inserts. You will need to either buy 18″ x 18″ (45cm x 45cm) pillow inserts, use loose fiberfill or stuff the covers with your extra linens for attractive and useful stealth storage!

Totoro Pillow Cover

This colorful hand-painted Totoro pattern on a beige cotton and linen blend pillow cover by Urparcel would be perfect for any lover of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

Throwback Sunset Pillow Cover

This cotton and linen 18″ x 18″ pillow cover from Litaz with a hidden zipper harkens back to the early days of OP – remember those classic SoCal shorts and t-shirts? Fun in the sun!

Love is All You Need

Beatles fan? Say no more! This linen blend 18″ square pillow cover by Akery has an invisible zipper and is washable.

Alice in Wonderland

“We’re all mad here” Reassuring to any camper guest, this one is high on my personal list!  This linen blend cover has a hidden zipper and is washable.

Pug – Childlike and Snorts

We have several friends with pugs who inspired this one! This cotton 18″ pillow cover from Phantoscope is painted with the face of an adorable pug and has an invisible zipper.

Love you more

Another cotton and linen blend pillow cover – this one comes in 17.3″ by 17.3″ which might be a snug fit, but it also comes in 18″. Odd, but cute saying!

Organizer Pillow Cover!

This pillow cover with pockets should be on every sofa! It has places for remotes, phones, reading glasses, TV Guides (anyone have those anymore?) and anything else you need ready to hand!

Southwest Sweetness

Beautiful pattern on a linen cover – a floral southwest combination! This cover is smaller than most – 16.5″ x 16.5″ so be aware.

Hoo Hoo?

This sketch of an owl printed on a satin off-white/grey cover reminded me of a few friends who…who? Is it you? Invisible zipper on the bottom.

Floral Skull

Another combination of a skull and flowers – who knew? This print on a satin fabric is on a pillow cover that is 18″ square and washable.

Purple Poppies

This 18″ pillow cover features purple poppies and a line drawing in the background. Great pop of color! Invisible zipper on the back.

Cherry Blossom Painting

This gorgeous teal pillow features a cherry blossom pattern on an 18″ square linen pillow cover with an invisible zipper.

Bohemian Elephant

This bright bohemian pattern on an elephant is printed on a cotton and linen blend and has an invisible zipper. This is a set of two covers + two inserts.

To the Moon

A sweet sentiment printed on cotton linen on a beige background, this square pillow is just under 18″ so check your insert!

You Are My Sunshine

This 17.3″ x 17.3″ cotton linen blend pillow cover features the saying from the song, “You are my sunshine,” in a sunny yellow color against a beige background.

Birds of a Feather

These 18″ cotton/linen blend pillow covers with a bird theme hold a special place for me because they match one of my favorite rugs found here: The Most Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mats for your Patio

Ah, Tulips!

My favorite flower of all, the tulip is wonderfully painted on this pillow cover from Jinbiel that features a splash of read on a mostly white background.

Teal and Beaded

Crystal embroidery adorns this 18″ x 18″ silk pillow cover with an invisible zipper. It comes in sizes from 12″ square to 26″ square!


Seven fun flamingos flock on the front of this teal linen blend pillow with a graphic pattern in grey, black and white.

Owls and Flowers in a Tree

This printed pattern on a linen blend background of beige material looks almost embroidered. Check sizing as it states 17.3″ but also 18″.

Oil Painting

This technique on an 18″ square linen and cotton blend cover looks like an oil painting with depth and intense color. So pretty!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This zippered 18″ pillow cover in a cotton and linen blend features a compass of two arrows with the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West.

Four Pack of Pillow Inserts

This is a four-pack (because you know you’re going to buy a bunch of pillow covers!) of pillow inserts made of 100% Polyester Grade A siliconized fiber fill with a 100% Polyester shell. It’s hypo-allergenic and made in North America. Four to a pack!

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Photo Credit: Feature Photo by Wicker Design on Flickr. Creative Commons License 2.0

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