Thirteen Silicone Must-Haves For RV Kitchens


I can’t say enough about the utility, versatility and flexability of silicone products these days. Back in the early days of silicone in the kitchen, my first set was sticky, smelly and almost too foldable. The sides of the loaf pans didn’t hold up, and the muffin pans routinely held my baked goods hostage. Thankfully, they’ve come a long way!

Silicone kitchen products nowadays are typically made of 100% food-grade, premium silicone which has no smell, no off-gassing and most of all, is actually non-stick. Silicone cookware and kitchenware typically are very lightweight compared to their counterparts in metal or glass so great for keeping poundage on the RV down and they can be folded up and stuffed in small spaces, so great for stowing in small spaces. Not only are they non-breakable, but their rubbery properties make them the perfect thing to help protect other breakables during travel.

I have every single item on the list below in my RV kitchen and there’s not one that I’d willingly do without. Good thing they’re easy to store!

Silicone Pinch Bowls

These little silicone pinch bowls by Norpro are a lifesaver in the  kitchen for prep and cooking, and also when doing projects that require segregating small parts. They’re microwave safe (safe up to 500°), and we often use them to melt a small amount of chocolate or butter, or to have ingredients ready for tossing in the pan. They come in a four-pack of primary colors as shown, and measure only 1.5″ x 2.5″, are lightweight and easy to wash and stow.

Mat for Micro Plate

I have a 13yo daughter who likes to cook, and until I had a child who liked to cook, I didn’t know I needed a silicone mat for our microwave plate. I can’t tell you how many times this Prep Solutions silicone mat has saved the cleanup from a baked on mess inside the microwave. This mat pops in and out easily and can be soaked or even washed in the dishwasher (you lucky dog, you!).  It measures 12″ in diameter, but could be trimmed to fit your exact microwave turntable plate.

Dish Drainer Mat

The night before we were due to take possession of our RV (1000 miles from home), we made a mad dash into Target for basic household goods. One thing we bought was a collapsible dish drainer  (love it!) and this dish drainer mat from Cuisinart. I wish they’d had it in red! Mine is grey, and it’s a perfect fit for underneath the dish drainer (It’s also great when we have extra pots and pans that need to air dry), it rolls up for storage and it can be scrubbed clean with a regular sponge, or thrown in a dishwasher, if we had one.

Muffin Pan

This silicone muffin pan from OvenArt is made of premium silicone (no smells!), is the perfect size (12.8″ x 9.7″ x 1.2″) for our countertop convection toaster oven, and lets us enjoy fresh-baked muffins and other treats on a regular basis. BPA-free, this muffin pan is super non-stick, easy to wash up and stores flat or rolled up if necessary. Can also be used in the microwave, oven (including micro-convection ovens), freezer and dishwasher. We sometimes make individual desserts like our Manic Monkey in this pan and freeze for later.

Muffin Liner

I know it seems a little redundant to have both silicone muffin pan and these muffin liners from DecoBros, but trust me. Just like the muffin pan, these are standard size muffin cups, holding 2.5 oz of batter and measuring 2.75″ across at the top, and 1.75″ at the bottom. Heat resistant up to 450°, these silicone cupcake liners are made of 100% food-grade silicone, and are truly non-stick, easy to wash and easy to store. I really, really like not having to buy (and throw away) paper liners anymore!

Universal Lid

This may be the best invention since sliced bread. These lightweight silicone covers attach by vacuum to the surface of the rim of your bowl or storage container. Just pop one of these on top of your serving containers to prevent bugs and campfire debris from getting into your meal and then use them in the fridge to keep your leftovers fresh! This particular set comes in four sizes, but there are many available on the market, including ones that look like leaves, flowers

Ove Gloves

This As-Seen-On-TV product is one that I not only own myself, but I have given as gifts on multiple occasions: Ove Gloves – they’re that good! I had gotten so tired of potholders that didn’t actually allow me to hold anything (no thumbs? but I have thumbs!), that were thin and/or that weren’t flexible enough to both handle delicate flan cups or a ginormous cast-iron pot over the campfire. Then we discovered the Ove-Glove! These puppies are woven of a heat-resistant fabric and the palm and finger surfaces are lined with silicone. Heat-resistant up to 540°, you can also use these if you need to handle hot surfaces on your rig. Washable.

Spatula and Spoonula

I love my old-fashioned wooden spoons, and my Asian bamboo flat paddle, but there’s nothing like a good set of silicone spatulas for using on non-stick cookware, stirring tomato sauce and for canning. Heat resistant up to 600°, these OXO by Good Grips spatulas can be used for just about any cooking project you can imagine, and we use them every day. Easily washable, lightweight and durable – this set will last for years, provided you don’t use it to scrape out the bottom of the food processor and/or blender. Those blades will nick your silicone – just a warning!


Jar Scraper

We came across this little gem in a kitchen supply store in Savannah, Georgia when we were dropping off our knives for sharpening. It’s a jar scraper with a scooping end and a spooning end, perfect for getting that last bit out of the bottom of the mayo jar. This jar scraper is made by Norpro and has held up over a year’s time with probably weekly use. While I don’t like having too many single purpose tools on board the rig, this one has earned its space.

Candy and Baking Molds

Ok, so this is a little indulgent, but it was a birthday present for my daughter and she keeps making us chocolate treats stuffed with pretzels and peanut butter, so who can complain? We have a couple different shapes and sizes (hearts, cubes), one of which fits perfectly into the top of our small ice tray in our freezer, making it ideal for ice cube production. This Freshlove silicone mold with 3 Tardis and 3 Daleks one is perfect for any Dr. Who fan and is just a lot of fun plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Basting Brush

I think it’s hard to get away without a basting brush if you’re going to be doing any amount of ordinary cooking. We use this silicone basting brush from OXO Good Grips for everything from basting a bird over the fire to lubing up the waffle iron before pouring on the batter. BBQ sauce, butter, herbs and spices in olive oil – all are spread flawlessly with this brush, and then it cleans up easily. Just make sure you rinse it very well – we’ve had it taste like detergent when we weren’t diligent enough on the rinse part. 

Popcorn Popper

This is the perfect popcorn popper, and believe me – we’ve tried them all! Aluminum whirly-pop, glass microwave one (bad idea), paper bag, Jiffy-Pop  have all been tried and abandoned (ok, Jiffy-Pop’s still a fave over the campfire) in favor of this compact. lightweight, washable, unbreakable popcorn popper for the microwave. Uses no oil, and pops the perfect amount every time using the built in measuring “cup” in the base of the unit. This is a winner, and a great gift to boot!

Potato Chip Maker

My daughter picked this silicone potato chip maker up on a whim in a TJMaxx in East Texas and I thought there was no way, but WAY!! You can totally make potato chips easily in the microwave with no need for deep frying. The included potato slicer cuts the potatoes to the perfect thickness for terrific chips fresh to the table. We’ve also used it with sweet potatoes for a sweet or spicy treat! Nomnomnom.


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