The Maryland Renaissance Faire


The Maryland Renn Faire is such a big topic to cover that I will split it up into three distinct parts. The first one is the shops and the food, the second one is the games and the shows, the third is the venue.

OK, so let’s get started: the food is delicious and if you get the chance I suggest going for the crapes; both savory and sweet; there are other delicious foods like root beer floats, steak on a stake, and smoked turkey legs. The shops are also really awesome; my mother got a corset at one of the shops and I picked up my custom ordered woodbaby shoulder puppet named Nox (it means darkness or shadows in Latin).

OK, second part: we didn’t see many of the shows, but we saw guy juggling a knife, a juggling baton, and a plunger, while on a unicycle. But there were also some people doing improv versions of Shakespeare plays; whenever they forgot a line they’d just come up with something else something that was normally quite funny.

Now it’s time to say something about the venue: it’s pretty; seriously though, this review can’t do justice to how beautiful this venue is. There are permanent shops, it’s 26 acres – the second largest in the country – and it has many beautiful areas all in The Renn Fair grounds which are called Revel Grove.

So, I hope I educated you on the amazingness of the Renn fair. DFTBA.


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