Inflatable Bubble Tent – Funny Amazon Reviews


Aside from the amusing description and absurdly high price, this inflatable “bubble” tent with tunnels is…unusual to say the least. Description from the Bubble Tent Amazon Listing “We have all kinds of inflatable bubble lodge, inflatable bubble house, inflatable camping house, inflatable bubble hotel, inflatable beach bubble dome, Clear camping bubble tent, Clear mountain dome, Inflatable […]

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Homeschooling for Traveling Families


Homeschooling while traveling?! Roadschoolers, worldschoolers, unschoolers alike…if you’re a homeschooling family who travels during the school year, you’ll know what I mean. We often hear the question, “How do you do keep up with homeschooling during travel?”  The fact is, this is the a major part of the reason we homeschool – so that we have […]

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