RV Cooking Tips

Thirteen Silicone Must-Haves For RV Kitchens


I can’t say enough about the utility, versatility and flexability of silicone products these days. Back in the early days of silicone in the kitchen, my first set was sticky, smelly and almost too foldable. The sides of the loaf pans didn’t hold up, and the muffin pans routinely held my baked goods hostage. Thankfully, […]

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Can You Waffle Mashed Potatoes?


Yes, you can! We always celebrate the weekend by making and enjoying a leisurely Saturday “Special Breakfast” Sometimes that translates into breakfast at our local coffee shop and sometimes we make a full-on skillet breakfast with hash, juice and toast. Most often, it’s waffles or pancakes because, well…apparently my children are carb-a-holics, and of course, waffle-making is a […]


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Healthy Popcorn in the Microwave


We have an unhealthy obsession with popcorn poppers on board Shadowbeast (our nickname for our 1998 Foretravel U320). Though we love an old-fashioned Jiffy Pop popcorn tin over the campfire, we also like our popcorn on days and nights when we’re tucked up inside, for weather or other reasons. Our daughter, Elizabeth the foodie, likes […]


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