Squirrels! of Peace River RV Camp – Wauchula, Florida


Ah, yes…the squirrels of Campsite D11 at Peace River Campground in Wauchula, Florida. Soon after arrival, our campsite neighbor informed us that the squirrels in the area were quite friendly and they weren’t kidding! These squirrels will crawl up your pants leg if they think you have nuts. I’ve learned that squirrels LOVE walnuts, cashews and pecans, but they will not eat peanuts.

We got friendly with a squirrel named Tippy (short for Tippy Toe, the cartoon companion of none other than the unbeatable Squirrel Girl!), Chippy and Scaredy.*  Only later did we realize that there were actually FOUR squirrels –  the newcomer being Dippy. It may sound like a mean name but she WAS a bit of a dip).

Tips for Feeding Squirrels by Hand

  1. Establish trust. Throw nuts to them from a distance at first to gain their trust.
  2. Offer the nut on a flat palm – much like feeding a horse. Don’t hold the nut in your fingers, or they might get nipped.
  3. IF they bite your finger, don’t yell or jerk back quickly.
  4. Have fun with your new squirrel friend!

First Note: Do NOT feed Scaredy by hand. Scaredy is also clumsy.

Second Note: These children were at all times supervised by adults when there were squirrels begging for nuts.




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Special Notes: Always use caution when dealing with wild animals.

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