Take Advantage of that Space! An 8 Inch Closet


When we added a privacy and sound-deadening wall between our bathroom and bedroom on our 1998 Foretravel U320, we wound up with an 8″ space between the new wall and the end of the wall for the toilet closet. Not wanting to waste that space, and needing hanging storage for our kids’ clothes, we decided to frame out and build two short closets for hanging gear, and one on the bottom with a shelf for shoes.

Once the new wall was framed out next to the end of the existing wall, we attached shelf standards to the inside walls to support shelves and to divide the space into separate lockers. Make sure you do this when your space is still open, or you’re going to need a right-angle attachment and a lot of patience. Ask me how I know. Haha. Ha.

We measured our space and determined the size of openings based on the set of three available walnut doors that Foretravel had that matched the style and finish of our 1998 bus. A front panel of solid walnut was built with attachment points on the inside for hidden hinges, then scribed in place for exact fit, and finally installed by screwing through the as-yet-unfinished bedroom wall side. We installed divider shelves as a floor between each closet space and added an extra shelf on the bottom for shoe storage. Finishing the closet was a simple matter of popping in some hinges and attaching the doors. Voila!

IMG_7503The result is that we have the needed additional storage space for the kids’ hanging clothes, fancy pants and various outfits for role-play. Everyone has a full-length cloak, right? If you have a small closet space, you really have to get the thin hangers, or try the wonder hanger if you’ve got more vertical space than horizontal. Or, if you’ve got a short space as wall as a narrow one, try the new short-necked hangers.

Also, shoes? Stored in the closet? NEVER. They, of course, are all over the front of the bus, under the chairs and in the stepwell. The shoe shelf is occupied by costuming for roleschooling: bows, arrows, swords, etc. Of course. 😉


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