Simple Fix: Secure That F@#$ing Day / Night Shade


secure-falling-day-night-shadeFalling. That falling day / night shade. Talk about a simple fix – this is super simple, but it took a while for us to even think of it. We have a day / night shade next to the driver’s seat that has a tendency, even with restringing, retensioning and readjusting, to suddenly drop during travel. This, obviously, is a hazard, and we struggled to come up with a solution – there is no way to secure the bottom of the shade or to lock it in place in the up position by default. And we couldn’t risk it coming down during travel.

Chip clip to the rescue! These happen to be BEVARA from IKEA, but you can buy these clips online at We use them for everything, and it was a true head-smacking moment when we realized the utility of a simple clip over the string underneath the shade to keep it secure while traveling. Easy on, easy off. We store them in the cupholder on the driver’s side and until we figure out an everlasting solution to the sliding shade problem, I think we’ll just keep using this one. My favorite kind of resolution – cheap, easy to implement andย leaves no lasting marks. Win-win-win!

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