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This triple-chamber shampoo, soap, conditioner dispenser is a life-saver in the shower. Most RVs and let’s face it, even S&Bs, (Sticks and Bricks – i.e. houses) have little to no storage space for shampoo, conditioners, soaps and lotions in the shower stall (especially if you have teenagers, just sayin’). Not only are all the bottles and containers an eyesore, but the gunk and soap scum lead to a cleaning nightmare. We love this inexpensive, easy-to-install solution that’s almost perfect in its simplicity – a bargain at less than $25, but this shower dispenser has truly improved our quality of living…or showering, anyway.

The Dispenser III

Our particular model of dispenser is made by Better Living and comes in single, double, triple and quadruple containers as well as some other models which include not only the shampoo and soap dispensers, but also an extra shelf up top, a place to keep razors and a fog-resistant mirror. All-in-one shower goodness! This one pictured to the right I can’t vouch for personally, but we have and love this one: The Dispenser III.

Shower Dispenser Installation

Installation couldn’t be simpler. It relies mostly on good surface prep and patience. First of all, make sure you have the space and know where you want to mount it – mark the top, bottom and at least one side of the unit with a light pencil mark, or a piece of blue painter’s tape. You’re going to need to clean that part of the shower wall really, really well and then clean it again – this time to remove any residual cleaner with an alcohol wipe. Wipe the shower wall down really well to eliminate any leftover soap scum, cleaning fluid or other sludge that might prevent the double sided sticky tape from adhering.


Now, this is important. Take the canisters out of the unit. Do not fill them now. You have to wait at least 24 hours (preferably with your shower dry) before you load up the dispenser canisters with your preferred combination of soap, conditioner and lotions. If you really can’t wait, you can fill them, but don’t install them. Meanwhile, busy yourself with applying labels which come with the unit to indicate what is contained in each canister.

Here comes the easiest part. Really – it’s just double-sided sticky tape! Apply the tape to the back of the dispenser unit – just make sure you wait until your wall is clean and fully dry to peel the paper lining off the sticky part of the tape. Once you’re sure your prepped surface is ready – clean and dry – peel the tape, and line the unit up with your marks. It helps to have someone else over your shoulder to make sure you have it level and straight relative to your marks. Then, just press it in place. Apply firm, but steady pressure inside the unit against the tape to ensure it has a good bond with the shower stall, and then gently close the lid and walk away. No showers, no filling it up for 24 hours. After that, you can install the canisters and start pumping away!

Review: The Dispenser III

We’ve had our shampoo dispensing unit installed for over a year now, and have been happy with its performance. The only complaint is that sometimes the conditioner pump gets clogged – we have to thin the original conditioner to almost 2/3 with water in order to get it to pump properly on a consistent basis. Shampoo doesn’t seem to be a problem. Otherwise, this was a great investment and we love the functionality and the lack of disorder in the shower stall!

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Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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Cost: Middling ($10-$30/person)


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