Magnets to the Rescue! Griddle Storage in an RV Kitchen



Our 1998 Foretravel U320 has a great under sink space – large and roomy, it has pull-outs for the trash can, and built-in shelves for our cleaning supplies, brushes, sponges and polishes – there’s even room under the sink for our Vita-Mix, it’s components and a juicer. But we had one burning question…what are those tiny little shelves along the inside wall of the cabinet? You can see the top one in the picture above in the upper left corner. They are about 1″ wide, with a ledge to keep things in and they are even carpeted with a grey felt that lines most of our cabinet floors. In our particular Foretravel, these ledges were not large enough to accommodate the covers for the sink, as suggested by Foretravel Motorcoach lovers at the ForeForums; those fit handily on the other side of the cabinet, however, so no loss there. We did find a use for it, but it wasn’t perfect at first…

Our Solution to Griddle Storage

What we found the bottom shelf perfect for was the cast-iron griddle which is heavy and a challenge to store, but almost a necessity for a good Saturday morning “special breakfast.” The problem was that it kept falling over, even with the ledge edge there to keep it in place. Gravity and motion would inevitably have it falling over, and then causing issues with the pull-out next to it.

Rare earth magnets to the rescue! We purchased a package of rare earth magnets on something like the one pictured right which can be installed with a screw right through the middle. This solution could work if you have a slim space in which you wish to store something heavy and metal like a griddle even if you don’t have a little ledge.

With the griddle in place, the location was marked with a pencil, outlining the shape of the griddle. Because of the lip on the edge, it was important to make sure that there would be sufficient contact with the magnet to hold it in place. Pre-drill the hole for the 1/4″ screw and then carefully drive the screw – don’t overtighten or you can break the magnet. Once in position, the magnet has enough pull to keep the griddle from wiggling or wobbling when under way, and has completely solved the problem of it falling into the pull-out. Win! Now…what to store on the tiny top ledge?

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