Hidden Ironing Board Storage in Only 2 Inches


Need to store an ironing board on your RV? All you need is a couple of inches and a little imagination! We had a narrow area left when we built a privacy wall between bathroom and bedroom (…an open concept bathroom?) that was going to be blocked off and go to waste, egads, or become a dust pit. Well, I can’t stand the thought of wasted space even more than I can’t stand the thought of ironing, so why not build an ironing board storage spot? The secret is, it wasn’t really a “build” so much as a “leave it open.”

Ironing Board Storage

Our space measures only 2″ wide, but that’s enough to store a Compact Tabletop Ironing Board in the bathroom of our motorhome. We bought a small, tabletop iron board with folding legs like the one pictured right that slips into the shallow storage slot and is convenient to pull out and use right on the top of the bathroom counter…though my goal is to NOT have to use it! We have a tiny little travel iron that works quite well when we need it, and so far that’s…only once. 🙂 Success!

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