My Disney Cruise – Overall



My stay on the Disney Magic was amazing, the rooms were awesome; they were a lot bigger than any other cruise ship room I’ve ever seen; this was my first cruise, it was extremely fun, me and my brother had a ton of fun playing together onboard the ship, we also found an awesome friend named Micah. She was a lot of fun to play with and really funny. The ship’s amenities were top-of-the-line and the food was delicious. I’ll be going into more detail about the separate restaurants later, but this is just my review of the cruise overall. The pools weren’t the biggest draw, but they were fun to play in, the arcade was pretty fun, there weren’t many games though but it was still a lot of fun; just be careful not to spend all your credits in one day. I had a real problem with that because there are a lot of very addicting games there, hats off to Disney crew members who put those games there. If I had to tell you one place to definitely go, never miss one of the Broadway style shows. They’re on pretty much every night and they are A-MA-ZING! The best one of the them all was most definitely Disney’s dreams: they had the whole theater rigged for the special show where pixie dust coats the theater and many other special effects take the stage, with special reimaginings of each Disney movie prominently shown including the Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. Another one of my favorite Broadway style shows was Villains Tonight, an interesting take on the villains of the Disney movies with Hades as your hilarious host. From food to pools to the to the shows on board the Disney magic was most definitely one of my favorite vacations ever


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