Repurposed Parts Make a Perfect Craft Desk


craft-desk-featureOne of the things that helped reduce costs on our RV Refit was repurposing parts of cabinets – doors, drawers, glides, knobs, and even cabinets themselves to create the cabinetry that we needed to meet our goals of traveling, homeschooling and working full-time on the road with four people – two parents, two tweens / teens and two cats. This desk is built almost entirely from parts that were formerly part of other areas of the rig. Here’s the before picture:


Pretty typical RV layout with a lounge chair, side table / liquor cabinet and lamp.

Once again, we worked with Larry at the Foretravel Factory in Nacogdoches, TX to craft this new craft, sewing and all-around functional desk out of the former kitchen tabletop, the original (liquor) cabinet, 4 drawers and their fronts plus 2 additional doors and a recycled piece of Corian for the keyboard tray. Below is the concept drawing for the cabinet with annotations and details looking toward the passenger side (left) and looking toward the back of the bus (right):


The desk also includes the hidden catbox and tunnel entrance for our feline friends, which you can see in the photos below taken during the construction phase.

As you can see, the desktop has a notched corner because it formerly served as the dining table at our J-lounge, but it’s much too narrow for a family of four. But perfect for the desk top! The small cubby underneath serves as a ready-access spot for our current math, physics, chemistry and other workbooks and texts.

IMG_9019On the front of the desk, above the flip down door for the human’s access to the catbox is a deep drawer for all the sewing supplies: stacks of fabric and leathers, the fishing tacklebox a.k.a. sewing kit, embroidery floss, shears, etc. At the top is an open space with a flip-down door for easy stacking of oversized artist’s sketchpads and canvasses as well as storage of an easel and jewelry-making equipment like tiny anvils and ball-pean hammers. The desk is wired for electrical and we installed a receptacle with a double USB port for ease of charging devices and phones.

IMG_3810On the left side or forward end of the unit, depending on how you look at it, the top drawer contains envelopes, stationery, postcards, stamps and thank-you notes. The larger middle drawer holds other crafting kits such as beading kits and supplies and knitting and crochet hooks and yarns. The tiny half-size bottom drawer next to the cat tunnel keeps all the supplies for our cats on board in one place. And all their favorite dress-up clothes. 😉

On the other end of the unit, toward the back of the bus, the former liquor cabinet has two shelves with rails which house boxes of other desk supplies – markers, tape, scissors, crayons, glue gun and glue sticks, and current projects in various states of being. The keyboard tray above slides out to accommodate a keyboard, an iPad or a dinner plate and the ottoman between the J-Lounge and the desk is dual-purpose allowing one to sit at either the dining table or the desk, depending on orientation. IMG_5750

What do you think? Have you seen our 2-person office solution? How about our flip-out laptop desk? There are more ways to work on board than you might have imagined!



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