Favorite Things: This Updated Kitchen Light


This light fixture. One of the first things we did when we moved on board the rig full-time was replace the light over the kitchen table. A standard milk glass, pressed glass globe with a bright brass base, this fixture was dated and well…kind of scary ugly. For whatever reason, there was also a spare globe in one of the drawers – like, you know…JUST IN CASE we ever broke the first and wanted to replace it, we’d be so able. Right.

Anyway, the scare and the spare went to the thrift store, and I went to Lowe’s and Home Depot to look for a replacement fixture. This light was on the 110v circuit, so I didn’t need to worry about 12v fixtures and because it was only one bulb and it was on a dimmer, I wasn’t looking for an LED fixture either. For once, just a regular old light. We considered many options, but quickly ruled out the idea of anything that dangled. We also had votes against “overly sparkly,” so we decided to go with understated.

In the end, it was Pluto that decided it.  We’d seen this light in the display area, admired it, texted the picture home for approval (of course), and when we went to find it on the shelf, there was Pluto.


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  • That looks sooooo much better. I had to click back on the photos because I wasn’t sure I was looking at the before and after. But, yes, that is a great improvement and it’s so interesting how something so seemingly insignificant can make such a difference.

  • […] bright, brushed brass of the other fittings in the kitchen, but it makes a nice complement to the updated light fixture that’s an oil-rubbed bronze finish. We still have the polished gold Instant Hot faucet which […]

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