Converting our RV Overhead Bunk Back to a Storage Cabinet



convert-bunk-overhead-storage-cabinetIn planning our RV remodel, one of the major considerations was how to add an extra bunk to the front of the bus for our teenaged daughter. The plan we came up with is a throwback to older motorhomes that often had bunks concealed in cabinets over the dinette or the sofa which folded out like ours. Although we made some changes to the final product, specifically the hardware utilized to raise and lower the bunk, the drawings below detail the plans as conceived.

See Detailed Drawings: Building an Overhead Bunk in a Class A Motorhome

In the end, rather than the hinges and straps we’d imagined when we first drew up our plans, we used a combination of coated chain that is attached to the steel frame of the motorhome above by a locking carabiners attached to a screw eyes, slide locks, spring hinges, angle brackets and pins. Here is a closeup of the hardware that is at each end on the bunk itself which allows it to be easily and quickly converted from an overhead cabinet into an overhead bunk.


Here is the receiving end for the slide lock inside the upright end of the cabinet. The wood stop literally stops the cabinet front in the correct position so that it can be secured.


Here is where the above hardware is mounted on the inside wall at either end of the cabinet:

convert-cabinet-to-bunk-class-a-motorhome-annotated-3When it’s all closed up, you can’t tell that it is a bunk, other than perhaps a sneaking suspicion due to the oversized aspect of the thing.


On the other hand, you might not even notice?


Converting the Overhead Bunk Back Into a Cabinet

overhead-bunk-class-a-motorhome-002Both the copper ladder and the 30″ mattress stow easily inside the bunk when it’s closed up. The photo to the right shows (poorly lit and off-center, sorry) the caps which serve as the seated location for the ladder on the bunk. These 1″ copper end caps were countersunk into holes and screwed down into the front section of the bunk to provide an adequately strong attachment point for the ladder.


Both the mattress (folded lengthwise) and the ladder are easily stowed in the back portion of the bunk.


At each end of the bunk, there are removable pins which are threaded through angle brackets and the screw eye which anchors the support chain – each of these must be removed to lower the bunk rail to a horizontal position so that the whole cabinet front can be lifted.


Click on the picture below to watch the video and see the entire process:


Finally, here’s the cabinet closed up with the bunk’s bedding, 30″ mattress and copper ladder stowed inside:

Questions? We’d be happy to answer any questions and would love to hear your comments!

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