Multi-purpose Storage Ottomans for RV Living


storage-ottomans-rv-interiors-One of the things we needed when we moved on board our RV as fulltimers was a bit more storage (don’t we all?), plus we needed additional seating surfaces around our dining table, for our daughter’s craft desk and occasionally for extra guests in the living room area. We considered benches, stools and ottomans, but found that a storage ottoman would probably be our best bet.

As part of our ongoing unschooling, the kids are often involved in guiding certain household projects including making decisions, managing a budget and meeting agreed-upon criteria. This particular interior remodel project was our then 12yo daughter’s job and not only did she conduct thorough research, assure the criteria were met and stayed within our budget, but we got the perfect solution for our storage and seating problem!

She was in search of an ottoman that was no more than 38″ long and no more than 20″ wide, plus it needed to be of a height that would be comfortable at the dining table – the J-Lounge’s seating surface sits about 17″ from the floor so we wanted to try to match that. It also needed to have no back because it needed to be usable from either side, potentially simultaneously. We wanted something made of heavy duty, high quality materials that would be easy to clean and durable. The budget, including shipping was $150 and it had to be deliverable by UPS or the USPS as we were in a retail desert at the time. Extra storage was a bonus and as it turned out – a bonus we put to good use!

Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Contender – Bench with Storage

Of the many options available for additional seating, she looked at benches that had storage under the cushions and in the base of the unit, like the one pictured left, and she looked at ottomans with additional seating cubes inside the main bench. She looked at benches with shelves and benches with drawers and extra storage for shoes. Benches with lift-up cushioned tops. And benches with cubes and fabric storage boxes.

There are any number of options available, but not all of them met all the criteria. Eventually, she was able to narrow it down to one choice that met all our needs and then some.

OSP Designs 3-Piece Ottoman

OSP Design 3 Piece Storage Ottoman

Winner! OSP Design 3 Piece Storage Ottoman

The storage ottoman that we eventually purchased is the OSP Designs 3-Piece Ottoman Set in Espresso.  It was the only one she’d found that had not only storage inside the main ottoman, but also storage inside each additional cube that fit inside the storage ottoman. The main ottoman measures 36″ long, 17″ high and 18″ wide which fits perfectly in the space we have for it, and allows our son to store his 30″ wide memory foam mattress rolled up inside during the day. Inside, two additional storage cubes fit neatly, expanding the overall storage available.

Storage Cubes as Nightstand

The two additional seating and storage cubes that came with the large bench sized ottoman each have a padded and upholstered top which flips over into a tray. These turned out to be the perfect solution for next to our newly installed adjustable bed in the master bedroom. We had removed the original nightstands (and repurposed the drawers and countertop), and no longer had a place to put bedside essentials.

We use the bottom cube for extra tissue and book storage, and the top tray keeps my chocolate collection (MINE!) along with extra sheets and pillowcases. The top cube has its lid flipped so that the storage tray is on top – it holds tissues, keys, wallet, etc…a general clutter trap. Behind the stack of two cubes, we hide our bedroom trashcan.

We have the option of turning the tray upside down (or right side up?) and returning the cube to a seating surface. We sometimes pull these out if we have extra guests for board games and the outside weather isn’t cooperative for picnic table play.

Overall, we think the girl found the perfect solution to our seating and storage need. The bedside cubbies get continual use and the storage bench in the dining/living area is a key part of the remodel. Kudos, kiddo!

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