Two Kids’ 30″ Wide Memory Foam Bunk Mattresses for Less than $100


Our first attempt to make the queen sized mattress in our new to us 1998 Foretravel U320 more comfortable was to add a 4″ memory foam topper from Costco. We did this almost immediately because the mattress that was on the RV was likely the original, 17 years old, and well…let’s just say, not something we wanted to sleep directly on. We wrapped the old mattress in an old zippered mattress pad (yay for thrift stores!), and then unrolled our new foam mattress topper, added another mattress pad, then our sheets, blankets and comforter. It was quite cozy and although the foam topper was comfortable, the queen sized mattress in the not-so-big bedroom was cramped. In the process of planning our bedroom and office remodel, we ultimately we decided to downsize to a full sized adjustable wall-hugger bed. Now…what to do with this pricey new foam mattress topper?

Our daughter sleeps in an overhead bunk and at that time, she was using the 3″ inflatable camp bed that she’d slept on in the kitchen on the floor before we built her bunk. Although she has tons of blankets and pillows for comfort, she could use a little softer and more supportive sleeping surface. Our son was then sleeping in a sleeping bag on the jackknife sofa and although he would assure you that he was happy with his lot in life, he could also use a little cushioning.

Hrm…what to do? It didn’t take long before we took the queen sized topper which was 60″ wide x 80″ long and split it in half down the length which gave us two 30″ wide x 80″ long x 4″ thick memory foam mattress for our kids’ beds in the motorhome. We used a Sharpie and a long straightedge, a tape measure and a sharp serrated knife to slice the foam mattress topper to our custom size, which just happened to be 30 inches. I love it when we are able to re-use!

IMG_5145We covered each foam mattress topper with a queen sized mattress pad and a queen fitted sheet which covers both sides of the foam when wrapped around twice and kept in place (hint to the boy about bed-making) with sheet straps. The girl’s mattress stays in her bunk, which though it rarely happens, can be stowed inside the closed bunk cabinet.

As part of the living room overhaul, we added a storage ottoman which also serves as a bench at the end of our J-lounge for dining, and as the seating for our daughter’s craft desk.  We are getting triple use by using the storage ottoman to stow his mattress during the day. In the morning, he rolls it up, secures it with two ratcheting straps and then stuffs it into the ottoman. His pillow and bedroll go into the drawer under the jackknife sofa and the sofa folds back into a seating surface. Both are thrilled with their bunk mattresses and we’re happy that the initial investment was not lost!

Buying a Foam Mattress Online?

I never thought I’d buy a foam mattress online, but we have been thrilled with our Amerisleep Columbus Natural Memory Foam Mattress. If you’re looking for a new mattress for your RV, particularly if you need one for an adjustable bed, then we highly recommend the Amerisleep as an affordable brand. It’s made in the USA and with a 100-night sleep trial, you can take your time deciding if it’s for you. We aren’t getting paid for saying this, though if you click on a link to Amerisleep on Amazon, we may earn a small commission. Regardless, our opinions are uninfluenced by compensation and are our own honest feelings.

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