Mellow Mushroom Pizza Restaurant


Mellow Mushroom in Carytown in Richmond, VA

The mellow mushroom is a wonderful place to have lunch, with great deals on singular slices and unique special pizzas. This place is certainly a great place to have pizza. It’s my second favorite pizza in the world that I’ve ever had. While I was there I decided to wear my shoulder puppet Pythia, just to see how many heads she would turn as she turned hers. The answer is quite a few. I had 2 singular slices of pepperoni which was absolutely delicious and enough to fill me up for six bucks. This amazing pizza place has a wonderful vibe, beautiful artwork, and delicious pizza. DFTBA


Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Website URL: Check out their website

Physical Address: 3012 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221

Phone Number: (804) 370-8210

Cost: Low Cost (Under $10/person)

Special Notes: Gluten Free menu available

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  • […] Mellow Mushroom is a regional pizza chain with a local presence in the shopping district of Carytown near Byrd Park, Maymont, the Fan and Museum districts in downtown Richmond. Known for fantastic pizza, we were happy to learn that they have a gluten-free menu and stopped in for lunch during a day trip to Richmond. We enjoyed a couple of pepperoni pizzas with just about the perfect crust – even the GF version! Funky art on the walls was a visual delight and our wait staff was delightful. This is an easy <10 minute drive from either Maymont or the Science Museum, but parking can be a bear at any time along Cary Street so plan accordingly. […]

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