Built-in Laundry Hamper in Bathroom Cabinet


With a family of four on board a Class A motorhome with no laundry built-in, no washer – no dryer, we needed to be sure we could find a place for dirty clothes in between trips to the laundry mat – about once a week or so. We re-use and recycle clothes whenever we can, but laundry still builds up with four people. Because of the specific layout of our rig, and our plans to put up a wall to divide the bathroom and bedroom, the perfect place for our laundry bin became clear.

As you can see in the photo below, the back portion of the bathroom cabinet storage (indicated by the black box on the surface) was accessed through a door on the bedroom side of the cabinetry. Our plan to build a wall to separate the bedroom and bathroom would block the access to that cabinet space, so we decided to create a new hatch from above through which laundry could be tossed.

RV Renovation Bathroom Hamper Detail

Building a Laundry Bin Inside the Bathroom Cabinet

Through the door on the bedroom side, measurements were taken to determine the exact placement of the cut in the Corian countertop that would allow full access to the space without jeopardizing the strength of the counter. Inside the opening, a walnut frame was attached on which the hamper lid sits and the fuzzy side of a strip of velcro was added around the edge of the cut countertop to cushion the lid as the hamper is closed.

The countertop piece was mounted on a piece of walnut for additional sturdiness, and a semi-round hole was carved for a brass finger pull – this is how the top of the laundry bin is lifted up to access the dirty clothes bag. Inside the opening to the hamper are four large cup hooks on which the laundry bag is hung. We had a simple canvas band stitched around the top of a heavy duty laundry bag, just to provide additional strength, but it doubles as a great way to hold the bag.

There’s plenty of air circulation around the laundry in the bag, and a surprising amount of space inside the cabinet hamper. At the bottom of the hamper, we keep an extra mesh bag for delicates and silks. We can usually get a week’s worth of clothing into the bag before we have to find a laundromat, but the bag just lifts right out and goes with us. Super convenient!


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