How to Hide a Catbox on an RV


hide-catbox-250x1000Traveling with pets on an RV can be a challenge for a number of reasons, not least of which is the litterbox – not only is it potentially smelly and not pleasant to look at, but often cats want a bit of privacy in doing their business. Wouldn’t you?

Cats on Board – Doing their Business

Most of us wouldn’t consider hitting the road without our furry friends, so what’s a cat owner to do? Obviously everyone’s rig is different, and our priorities as homeowners and cat slaves differ as well. You’ll want to consider what spaces you might have available to you (underneath a cabinet, inside a closet, etc.), how you will access the catbox for daily maintenance, how the cats will get in and out, and how you’ll manage smells and tracking of litter. You’ll need to also consider your cats’ needs – height of area, size of litter box, need for storage of other items such as litter, a litter scoop, freshener, etc.

We had originally scoped out the double-doored space below the refrigerator where we’d intended to install a plastic liner in place of the carpet and cat flap material in place of one of the doors. The litter box would be simply placed inside behind the closed door to reduce spillage out the flap.

IMG_5765The upside would be a minimal (and reversible) alteration to the rig, but the downside would be…uh, smells emanating from underneath the fridge. As it happened, that didn’t work out…

Our RV Litterbox Solution

Our second (and much better!) solution for the litterbox on the rig was to incorporate the catbox area into a desk being custom built for our daughter by the fine folks at the Foretravel Factory in Nacogdoches, TX. We spec’d out the entire cabinet as a desk with a contained space at the bottom level for the cats’ litterbox. As you can see in the drawing below, the litter pan sits in the middle of the desk in the space behind the bottom (flip-down) cabinet door.


The cats enter the catbox area through a mousehole leading to a tunnel behind the litter box. The tunnel is lined with a carpet intended to catch litter and which can be easily replaced if necessary.

IMG_5373The flip-down cabinet door on the front of the desk allows the humans access to clean litter and remove the cat pan for cleaning as necessary.

IMG_5374For ease of cleaning, the inside of the litter box area is lined with a plastic flooring material we purchased from Lowe’s and the sidewalls are covered with a heavy duty carpet, also purchased by the foot at Lowe’s. Our space turned out to be just the right size for the litter pan itself, plus a container of fresh litter for refills, and the litter scooper.

IMG_5441Closed up, the cabinet doesn’t reveal the secret behind the closed door. (It’s that bottom cabinet front to the left of the ladder.)


Building a Hidden Litter Box on our RV

Here’s the entire gallery showing the planning, construction and installation of our hidden litterbox solution:

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Phone Number: 1-800-955-6226

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Special Notes: Call ahead to make an appointment for renovations at the Foretravel Factory. There is a free campground for customers on the factory property.

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