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homeschooling-while-traveling-735x2000Homeschooling while traveling?! Roadschoolers, worldschoolers, unschoolers alike…if you’re a homeschooling family who travels during the school year, you’ll know what I mean. We often hear the question, “How do you do keep up with homeschooling during travel?”  The fact is, this is the a major part of the reason we homeschool – so that we have the freedom to explore our world and to shape learning experiences based on the individual rather than a pre-determined curriculum.  Everyone’s homeschool looks different, and your mileage may vary, but this is our experience…

Even when we lived in our house, our “school” has always been made up primarily of the relationships we build with friends and neighbors as well as the conversations we have with strangers and acquaintances. It’s filled with hikes in the woods and fields near our home and drives through the country to get to the city, and visits to the museums and libraries in our community and those of others. It’s full of nights by the campfire and days spent around the table playing games, sharing food and stories with friends and fellow travelers. We find our home wherever we are because we are comfortable in ourselves.

Sure, we have books and favorite educational YouTube channels, ant farms, cooking experiments, pets and wild and not so wild animals to watch and wonder about. We sit with our thoughts and watch the world go by and talk about the important things over breakfast. We sleep in late and go to bed early when we are feeling tired – we didn’t choose this life just so we could get up at the crack of dawn! We work together to keep and maintain our home and vehicles, our clothes and furnishings and believe it or not, everyone pitches in. We help each other learn about ourselves through introspection and challenge. This is all part of our schooling – not just for the kids either, mind you!

We sample the food and culture of the places we visit and we walk through the streets to take in the sights and sounds of a community. We pet their frogs and feed their squirrels and meet their senior citizens and play with the neighborhood children. We seek out the food trucks and the corners of towns where they hide the comic book stores and we chase festivals, concerts and events that bring us joy. We make care packages for the homeless and victims of local tragedies. We learn about life in different parts of the world, as well as in the home next door. So, how do we homeschool while traveling? By living our lives while on the road. This is #HowWeHomeschool.

How do you homeschool while traveling? There are as many types of homeschooling as there are traveling families, I’d bet! I’d love to hear your stories of how your children and family are learning and growing while on the road! Share your comments below, and link to your stories of homeschooling while traveling.

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