4 Vending Machines RVers Will Love


vending-machines-travel-families-travelingkidsLittle did I know when we set out on this journey how much vending machines and automated machines would become our friends and saving grace at times. Most of these can be found at your average big box store or even a local grocery. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how useful vending machines can be for the average full time RVer.

#4 Fast Key

IMG_9240This relatively new machine has popped up in big box home improvement stores as well as general merchandise stores – usually located either in hardware or the front of the store. Costing only $2 or so for a basic key, the machine takes a laser scan of your key and cuts a new one while you wait. Ours turned out perfectly!

#3 Coinstar

IMG_9244We have a habit of saving our pocket change so that every now and then, we can enjoy an extra special family activity. We partially paid for our first trip to Disney with our accumulated change from several years of savings! Coinstar allows you to get cash for your change right here, right now. No need for a local bank account, and no need to haul around that heavy change!

#2 Primo

IMG_9242When we’re not too sure about the local water (ok, that’s most of the time) we like to buy our water in 3 gallon jugs that we then filter at home. Primo! puts their water dispensers in local big box and grocery stores so that you can refill for ¢27 – ¢32 per gallon, on average. We like the ease of pulling up and refilling our jugs conveniently and at low cost. Thanks, Primo!


#1 Redbox

IMG_9243While we still use Netflix for streaming when we have access to wifi while traveling, we love the instant gratification and ease of rental/return with Redbox. You can find a Redbox machine (or two!) outside many grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, and convenience stores. There’s an app to help you find your local box, and we love that we can return at any convenient location. Rent with your credit card and return by 9pm to any Redbox – simple as that!

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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