Five Easy Ways to Dress your RV Windows


One of the biggest complaints about RV Interior Design is the window treatments. Between the bizarre shapes, the boxed valances, blinds that don’t work and the horrible upholstery fabrics used, it’s really a nightmare we almost all share. Ours were tiger-striped and reptile-textured, I kid you not.

There are so many questions on how to recover the windows and so many neat ideas out there, I thought I’d do a roundup, and I’m amazed at the creative solutions for RV windows that I’ve found! Bear in mind – these are not my solutions or my windows – click through to the original post or pin on the photos below!

The Life of Amy J – Vintage Tablecloth Curtains

vintage table cloth curtain-amyj

Credit: The Life of Amy J: Delightful Design and Illustration

Amy J has detailed her simple way of using vintage tablecloths for window coverings in her blog post, Using Vintage Tablecloths Part 1: EASY CURTAINS.

Not only is this an inexpensive solution, it can be super colorful and match your decor perfectly. Also, easy to put up and take down if you like to redecorate often and a snap to keep clean. Just pop them off, wash and put them up again! I love this idea, and the possibilities are as wide as your imagination!

In My Own Style – How to Make an Instant No Sew Window Valance


Credit: Diane Henkler – In My Own Style

Diane Henkler, author of Instant Decorating, has posted a super simple and elegant way to create a no-sew window valance using a minimum of fabric and a few found items in her blog post, How to Make an Instant No Sew Window Valance.

You could get as fun or funky as you’d like with this by choosing interesting fabrics and notions, and it would be easy to remove, clean and reset. I could easily see having a set for winter and a set for summer, or changing the colors when you change your mood.


Credit: Window Treatments for Dummies

Window Treatments for Dummies – Making Easy, No-Sew Window Treatments

This is a unique window treatment that I love put together by the authors of Window Treatments for Dummies in this post: Making Easy No Sew Window Treatments.


Credit: Sand and Sisal

On an RV in which travel is expected, I might not put the individual strands on sliding hooks (can you imagine driving down the road?), and I’d probably use family pictures but the beauty of this idea is that it’s so flexible, you could adapt it to any color scheme or theme. Polka dots? Sure! Photos of places you’ve been? Why not? You could even lengthen the strands and make this a room divider. Have fun with it!

Sand and Sisal – The Easiest No Sew Window Treatments

Over at Sand and Sisal, there’s a terrific post on how to make no sew window treatements out of cloth napkins: The Easiest No Sew Window Treatments. Inexpensive, versatile and easy to care for – the trifecta!

These are super cute and take no time at all. You can mix and match patterns and colors to match your color scheme and/or theme for your glamper or camper and easily change with the seasons. Washing is a super simple matter – you just want to make sure you iron to remove any wrinkles before re-installling.


Credit: Hippie Beauty

Hippie Beauty – Head Scarf Window Treatment

Perhaps the ultimate in color and whimsy, this window treatment put together by Hippie Beauty is simply head scarves tied to a decorative curtain rod with some pretty finials on the end.

Obviously use longer scarves toward the outside if you want a drape like this one, but you could also do a more traditional valance that is straight across the top of your window. I wouldn’t recommend this one for a kitchen because of the hazard of fire and the potential for a greasy mess, but it would be lovely in the bedroom!

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