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family-travel-united-states-sticker-mapLike many families who travel, particularly traveling families in RVs, we keep a United States sticker map on board in order to visualize and memorialize our travels around the country. We try to make a bit of a ceremony when we add a new sticker, and we only add a new sticker after we’ve spent at least a day or two in the state – for us, just passing through doesn’t warrant a sticker, but your mileage may vary.

United States Sticker Map with Permanent Stickers

This Permanent State Sticker Map gets high ratings and good reviews on Amazon and can be mounted on the outside of an RV or on the inside if you prefer. If you put it on the outside, you might consider the side of a slide, or otherwise underneath your awning to take advantage of the shade. We put ours on the inside of our rig on the backside of a pantry pull-out unit!

When To Add Map Stickers?

I’ve heard of a number of different rules people have put in place for adding their stickers to their family’s map:

  • At least one overnight stay
  • A visit to an attraction
  • A visit to the capital

How many states do you have on your family travel map?


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