Disney Magic Cruise – Eye Scream


Beach Fun on Castaway Cay

Eye Scream is a soft-serve ice cream station aboard the Magic. Chocolate, vanilla, and a swirl of both are always available, but a third flavor changes each day. A vanilla and extra flavor swirl is also always available. Since it’s a fairly simple concept, I’ll also tell some Eye Scream Stories:

Once, our new friend Micah ran and grabbed an ice cream cone immediately after downing a soda. We proceeded to chase her away from the stand to stop her from getting ice cream and going hyper from the sugar. This became a nightly tradition.

Another time, we placed a chocolate ice cream in a cup in the elevator, and sent it all the way down the ship. Just imagine standing near the elevators and seeing the door open to reveal an ice cream in a cup, riding the elevator up and down.

Overall, Eye Scream is an excellent source of amusement, in addition to serving delicious ice cream.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️[4 stars, for those without Unicode support]


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