Disney Magic – Cabanas Restaurant


Cabanas is a buffet on board the Disney Magic. It has good food, beautiful scenery, and a deck on which you can sit, eat, and enjoy the sea passing you by. At breakfast and lunch it’s a buffet, but then, for dinner, it transforms into a beautiful table service restaurant, somehow I managed not to go for dinner at Cabanas. I feel bad that I didn’t, but I can tell you that breakfast and lunch were delicious. The first day onboard I went for lunch at Cabanas. They had crab legs, french fries, all of the most delicious foods, and the dessert was plentiful, from pineapple Jell-O to a brownie Ala mode with fudge on top. They also had ice cream and fresh baked cookies; the ice cream was in about six different flavors, I can’t go into each one but my favorite was mint chocolate chip. My father came up with the genius idea of getting two cookies and asking them to put a scoop of ice cream right on top of one of the cookies and making an ice cream sandwich. Yum. Breakfast was delicious too: they had so many types of baked goods I can’t even count, and the best scrambled eggs in the world! Light and airy those eggs were the best. They also had eggs with chives, cheese, and salmon. I had eggs benedict with – instead of the disgusting (in my opinion) canadian bacon – salmon and smoked salmon. Unfortunately, that one day that they had it was also the day they we’re out of hollandaise sauce. All that aside, there were so many delicious dishes I can’t even count and Cabanas is a good choice on board and sure to please.


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