Disney Magic – Animator’s Palate Restaurant


Animators Palate aboard the Disney Magic was one of my favorite restaurants by far, with creative whimsy and a wonderful show every time you go. The first thing you should know about animators palate is that every time that you go there there’s always a show.

Inside animators palate you’ll find a wonderland of cartoon with everything black-and-white from the column shape like paintbrushes to the ceiling adorned with palates and all around you characters being sketched out, with all this black-and-white your meal will certainly pop!

Near the end of your dinner an impressive show will be put on right in front of your eyes with the walls turning to beautiful nebulous colors and Mickey making an appearance dressed as the sorcerer’s apprentice. On your second meal at animators palate you’ll be greeted by a show even more spectacular than the first one. You’ll be asked to draw a character on your placemat where you can write your name and draw your character which will later that night appear on the screen dancing in front of you to the sounds of many classic Disney songs. In short: don’t miss it!


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