Alex’s Applied Physics


For the past few months, I’ve been learning physics from this book. I’ve found a couple things for which physics is really fun. Rocket: Using physics to simulate the travel of a rocket in a zero-gravity vacuum. This is relatively easy; in fact, there are a few different levels of complexity: Fuel-less engine. A fuel-less […]

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Toroidal Planets: a Science Fiction Writer’s Dream


So, recently, astrophysicists discovered through computer simulations that it is possible for planets to form in a toroidal (or doughnut) shape, with a hole in the middle. There’s a number of interesting results of this: If such a planet had a moon, it would be theoretically possible for it to orbit vertically or in a […]

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5 jokes from Alex


Here are five jokes you can tell your friends, family, enemies, cats, etc.: How many quantum physicists does it take to screw in a light bulb? – Three: One to move the ladder around, one to swap the bulbs, and one to calculate the most probable position of the socket. Knock knock – Who’s there? […]

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NerdfighterKids’ YouTube Channel

This is not a review, unlike most of what we post on this site. I’m excited to share Elizabeth’s and my YouTube channel with you! It’s not a TravelingKids channel; it’s called NerdfighterKids, and it’s been around for almost two years. Here’s a link to an ‘introduction’ video:┬áhi, I’m a link. If you’re wondering about […]


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Hello, all


Hello, and welcome to! I’m Alex, the editor and one of the Traveling Kids! Me and my sister Elizabeth travel across the North American continent (with our parents, Susan and James) in our RV Shadowbeast, and post about it here. You’ll see reviews, accounts of trips, videos, helpful tips, and more.

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