Travel Tips

Cats on Board (VIDEO)

Interested in how cats travel on board RVs? Check out this short video on how our cats travel with us in our Class A Motorhome.

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Growing Plants for Clean Air and More


One of our issues with living in small spaces is keeping our air clean. There are lots of chemicals, toxins and fumes in a typical motorhome, whether new or old. Formaldehyde, ammonia, methane, off-gassing from carpet, cabinets, wall panels or countertops as well as pollutants typical in traffic such as Diesel Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, […]

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10 Tips for Living with Cats on an RV


  Cats. Cats on board RVs? Cats on board RVs are fine…really. We’ve been living on board with four people and two felines for over a year and no one’s dead just yet. We’ve learned a few things along the way, discovered some tips and tricks and found ways to make our travel with cats […]

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4 Vending Machines RVers Will Love


Little did I know when we set out on this journey how much vending machines and automated machines would become our friends and saving grace at times. Most of these can be found at your average big box store or even a local grocery. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at how useful vending machines can […]

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Parental Adventures: Touch Nose and Other Rules


Any parent, even those of us who have embraced an adventurous life full of new places, people and experiences, has had that “Oh, ****!” moment when you can’t place your eyes on your little (or big) one in a crowded public place. Once they can walk, they can also walk off and suddenly, you’re having that singular […]

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