Roleschooling: Character Development and Complications


As a game master, as I see it, the major benefits of roleplaying games in general, and roleschooling in particular are A. the ability to adapt and customize your campaigns to suit your player characters in levels of both skill and engagement, as well as B. by choosing the type of role-play and storyline that best suits your group. […]

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Roleschooling: The Library – A Pre-Scription for Adventure


One of the most intimidating barriers to roleplaying for both new and experienced gamemasters or narrators is coming up with the initial adventure plot and details, and then once you get going, keeping the players on track and progressing through the story. In good old-fashioned dungeon crawls or hack-n-slash fantasy adventures, it isn’t a major problem as there is […]

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Our Roleschooling Adventure: Kite Fighting Simulation System


This system was written to guide the play in our current roleschooling adventure. It started out as a sideline, but as with all good games, sometimes the details are what makes it so much fun. This system is based on the kite fighting competition events described in Julian May’s Pliocene Exile series. Instead of this happening between psychokinetic […]

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RoleSchooling: Part One, The Concept


RoleSchooling: The Secret Weapon That Should Be In Every Homeschooling Parent’s Toolbox One of the frequent problems I’ve encountered in homeschooling is creating and maintaining enthusiasm for subjects that aren’t inherently interesting to a given child. My daughter, for example, is really not overly fond of math, and despite his grammar skills, my son is less than thrilled about […]

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How Do We Survive Travel Days AND Homeschool?

Homeschooling While Traveling Families Road Trip Car Ideas

What do homeschooling families do for homeschool during travel?  If you’re a family living in an RV, road trips may not be a once-in-a-while thing – they might be weekly, monthly or otherwise very frequently!  Even when stationary, as unschoolers we don’t necessarily follow a strict curriculum, but we don’t want our road trip time to be lost […]


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Homeschooling for Traveling Families


Homeschooling while traveling?! Roadschoolers, worldschoolers, unschoolers alike…if you’re a homeschooling family who travels during the school year, you’ll know what I mean. We often hear the question, “How do you do keep up with homeschooling during travel?”  The fact is, this is the a major part of the reason we homeschool – so that we have […]

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