Inflatable Bubble Tent – Funny Amazon Reviews


Aside from the amusing description and absurdly high price, this inflatable “bubble” tent with tunnels is…unusual to say the least.

Description from the Bubble Tent Amazon Listing

“We have all kinds of inflatable bubble lodge, inflatable bubble house, inflatable camping house, inflatable bubble hotel, inflatable beach bubble dome, Clear camping bubble tent, Clear mountain dome, Inflatable trade show tent …”

Inflatable bubble hotel?? Do tell!

Too funny! Here’s a sample of the reviews:

Great for the long haul

By Todd on February 10, 2016

“We linked 13 of them together to form a colony. Its been working out pretty well so far. Jerry, the doctor, says we should leave and get stuff to fight the scurvy problem.. But I think he’s just being a wuss….”


The Mark Watney Camping Experience

By Ryan Lavelle on October 1, 2015

The first thing I going to do when I get this HAB is fill it with dirt and poo, then plat potatoes so I will have enough fool to reach sol 456.

I’m screwed! I messed up big time.. There’s no airlock on this damn thing!! I walked outside and the entire thing collapsed…”

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