Making Brass, Bronze and Gold Work on an RV


rv-interior-design-gold-brass-bronzeWhen we first found our 1998 Foretravel U320, there were many aspects to the design that we knew we wanted to change. We knew we had to get rid of the tiger-striped valances and the reptilian inspired window treatments in the kitchen and bathroom. We knew we’d need to add some color to spruce up the kind of monotone brown and tan interior of our coach.

We didn’t want to drown in a sea of brown, but with solid walnut wood prominent throughout, including entire walls, floor to ceiling and wainscot paneling plus brown carpet in the front and the back of the bus, we knew we’d have to work with it. The other major issue design-wise was the outdated gold and brass fittings and fixtures throughout the rig. Popular in the 80s and not really much since then, gold and brass were the finishes of choice in this RV, and most of it was quality-made solid brass, not a cheap gold finish like our original kitchen faucet – ew! So, embrace or replace?

As you can see, we have embraced the gold tone on our rig and made it work in our interior design. The walnut, brass and cream leather are all typical to boat interiors so we used that as our inspiration.

The warm tones of the wood and the browns and cream leather were the undeniable base of our color scheme and we chose a deep red as the main color in our color scheme, with turquoise as a repeating complementary color throughout the rig in art and accessories, as well as in our first set of rig dishes.

tufftex-cranberry-ice-carpetWe installed a beautiful, rich red carpet in the bedroom, and covering the engine hump in this diesel pusher to make our office space cozy and comfortable.

We added brass accessories like our folding brass train rack, my makeup mirror in the bathroom, and a charming and nostalgic but useless barometer from our first boat on the wall in the bedroom as well as the brass hinges on our office supply and file storage “trunk” in the office area.

We threw a $20 oriental inspired, thin rubber-backed runner on the bathroom floor to add a splash of color and to lend to the overall scheme.

It’s not hard to make brass and gold tones work on an RV but you do really have to just embrace it if you do want to give it a go. Did we make it work? What’s your opinion?

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