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We are a family of eaters. And cooks. And since we work from our RV and homeschool full-time while traveling, we use our RV kitchen a LOT. While we can easily deal with only two burners on our Gaggeneau propane fired gas cooktop (we also have a single countertop induction burner), we really missed having an oven when we started cooking in our new RV Kitchen.

Unlike many RV kitchens, we were lucky to have a large countertop surface area on our oversized “buffet” – the space where a washer/dryer would go if we had one. Instead, we use the interior for additional kitchen storage for most of our other countertop appliances, such as the electric kettle and waffle iron. But a toaster oven would have to be on the counter for ventilation and well…we like toast and muffins so this appliance would be in almost constant use.

We wanted something large enough to cook a pizza, bake a loaf of bread or a cake or a sheet pan full of cookies So, what did we pick? This is our honest opinion, not influenced by the fact that there are affiliate links in this post to help our travel fund! Here’s what we picked for an oven alternative on our RV:

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

We chose the Breville Smart Oven, which is highly rated on and which we have honestly used daily since we bought it over 6 months ago, and are still happy with this purchase. The oven has more settings than we ever use – nine different ways to use the oven, from toast to broil to bake and roast, it’s really very versatile. Holds up to 6 slices of standard toast and up to a 13″ pizza.

In addition to the manual and cookbook, it came with a lightweight 13″ round aluminum pizza pan, a heavy broiling tray and pan. We purchased the pizza stone separately and found that it makes a difference when cooking our own pizzas. Also,  when preheated and placed a slightly warmed oven, it helps to maintain a temperature suitable for rising bread.

Power Usage

Be aware that this convection toaster oven uses a pretty heavy 1800 watts of electricity, so you need to make sure that your RV’s power grid can handle it. We can use it when plugged into 30 amp as long as our Aquahot and/or air conditioners are not on at the same time. On 50amp service, we can run everything while the oven’s on, no problemo.



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