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When we were looking for a new mattress for our RV, we went to many a department store and discount mattress sales warehouse and laid down on mattress after mattress after mattress. We were interested in a memory foam mattress (as long as it wasn’t hot to sleep on!) and an adjustable bed base so that we could take best advantage of the space in our RV bedroom.

Our Mattress Requirements

We’d already decided on a double-sized mattress (because we’re short) and because we were interested in the wall-hugger, space-saver varieties of adjustable base, we needed to make sure that the mattress would bend and adjust along with the base. And we didn’t want to spend a fortune – no small feat. All of the estimates at storefront mattress stores for the total package were upwards of $2500 for a full-sized bed. Forget a department store bed price – outrageous! That’s when we found an affordable natural memory foam mattress alternative only sold online…


Amerisleep – Made in America

While researching mattresses online, we found Amerisleep – an memory foam mattress manufacturer based right here in the USA with online-only sales, eco-friendly foam and budget-friendly pricing. We found we’d be able to get BOTH the Amerisleep memory foam mattress – that doesn’t make me sweat – AND an adjustable bed base for less than the cost the least expensive memory foam mattress (not including a base!) in the mattress stores. Win-win!

But order a mattress online? That’s like ordering a bra online!! How can you tell if it’s going to fit your style and…shape?

Our Choice: AmeriSleep 8″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress

After much consideration and reviews of the positive feedback on, we decided to take a chance on ordering a mattress online from Amerisleep. They offer a 100 day sleep trial as well as a 20 year warranty, so we were pretty confident that even if we weren’t satisfied, we’d be able to return or exchange our purchase. So far, not necessary!

We bought a full-sized mattress in their least expensive mattress line, the Columbus, last year around this time and have slept on it every single night since. It’s supportive yet comfortable and I never wake up with my back aching from an unsupportive mattress. Such an improvement!

Amerisleep Natural Mattress Materials

Amerisleep makes their memory foam with more plant-based materials, less petroleum based materials and uses an extreme open air cell foam that allows air circulation while you sleep. The mattress is then wrapped in a thermo-reactive Celliant®-infused cover which, according to the manufacturer,

“has been clinically proven to help people fall asleep 15 minutes faster on average. It does this by using your natural body heat and recycling it into infrared light. This healing energy will help you wake up with more energy and less aches and pains.”

Uh, ok. I’m not sure about the healing energy. I do still sometimes sweat at night, but I don’t think I can blame that on the mattress.  😉 I do fall asleep incredibly quickly however, so there’s that.

Delivery Glitch and Extra Charges

When it came to ordering, I do have to report a complaint. When we were ready to order, we chose our mattress and completed our billing information. Because we were at the Foretravel Factory in Nacogdoches, TX, our shipping address was not the same as our billing address. I completed the shipping address information with the correct street address as well as the correct city and state, however the zipcode defaulted to the same zipcode as our billing address…in Virginia. I did not notice this before submitting the order, and by the time I was able to contact AmeriSleep about the problem, the order had already been shipped. To where? No one seemed to know…

AmeriSleep Customer Service Response

Customer service was helpful in cancelling the original order and correcting the address and submitting a new order, however we were initially charged a 20% restocking fee. I argued that their system should not have validated an address that was IMPOSSIBLE (Texas city and state, but Virginia zipcode?), and given that neither they nor their shipper knew where the mattress had gone, it was as much their issue as mine, but I only succeeded in having the restocking charge reduced. This soured my experience with the company themselves significantly, but if you should order without any errors, you should be fine. On the other hand, you could just order from and get free shipping from there as well.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our mattress – it was easy to set up, it did not have an off-odor and it bends and flexes along with the adjustable base just fine. We sleep comfortably on it, and have not noticed any significant wear or tear. Order from if you want to avoid any direct from manufacturer shipping errors, but you’ll also miss out on frequent sales of up to 20% off. We haven’t regretted it and our backs thank us every morning!




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