10 Storage Box Solutions for RV Organization


On an RV, not only is space important, but keeping your spaces organized and easy to maintain is critical to housekeeping, repairs and well…sanity. Homeschooling manipulatives, crafting supplies, Lego bricks, fuses, odd little RV fittings like day/night shade handles and button covers, and your average, run-of-the-mill fasteners like nuts and bolts – all of these are tiny little things that need to be kept sorted and organized. Then there are the bigger things – games, clothing, tools…potatoes. How do you do it with limited space and access?

We’ve found that the best practice is to be adaptable. There’s no one solution for every situation, and there’s no one solution for every RV or family. I’ll share with you ten types of storage containers that have been invaluable to us and you can see how they might work for you!


We picked up this RolyKit – an As Seen on TV wonder from the late 90s in a thrift store for only $15, and I consider it a HUGE score! What a creative and effective use of space! This storage rollup kit consists of multiple compartments within segments connected by hinged plastic that allows the kit seal each segment as it rolls and for the whole unit store in a small space. As I understand it, there are different sizes – ours measures 11″ x 9″ x 9″ all rolled up and it is 42″ long unrolled. It has 11 segments with 25 compartments of various sizes and storage capacities. I understand that there is a larger unit with 18 segments with larger compartments that can fit hand tools, but I cannot find it online for sale.

Tackle Box

This flat Stanley parts box has been a sturdy member of our household since before the full-time life! It neatly holds all of our sewing supplies – shears, upholstery needles, thread, etc. but could just as easily be used for hobby or crafting supplies, gaming, beading, jewelry-making, fishing or any project that requires bins for sorting. The sorting bins are removable (we took out several to make room for shears in this box), and you can shift them around to suit your needs. We have another one similar to this that is used for beads and jewelry-making findings and tools.

Refrigerator and Freezer Bins

I can’t say enough about the utility of these storage BINZ by Interdesign. These particular ones (pictured right) are designed for organizing your refrigerator and freezer, but I have used them all over our RV and for many purposes from receipt collection to drive day snack bins. I use the narrow one pictured for rolled up sock storage in our limited clothes storage area, and the shallow flat ones for helping the kids to sort and find their personal items easily. We use a tall, narrow bin advertised as a bathroom organizer to corral coffee mugs, books, coffee and tea supplies, and more. These can be found at home goods stores, but I found the prices for combo packs on Amazon to be a better deal, plus more selection!

Makeup Organizers

Once again with the love for InterDesign – this time for all manner of bathroom toiletries, makeup and other personal items stored in our medicine cabinet. Without these containers to wrangle all our items, it would be a disaster area (see pictures above!). We have the one pictured left which stores cotton balls and q-tips in the drawer, nailpolish and packets of bands for braces in the side pockets. We also have a couple of other organizers that fit which house everything from toothbrushes and deodorant to extra razor blades, eyedrops, tweezers and chargers for bathroom related appliances. The bin on the inside of the door is similar to this Command caddy with strips and it holds our plant food supplies.

Packet Organizers

This packet organizer is meant to store items in the kitchen such as taco seasoning, gravy mixes and the like, but we’ve found it’s perfect for tea and tea accessories in our cabinet over the sink. We keep not only individually wrapped tea bags, but tea balls, a teabag saucer, and the tea infuser insert for our Contigo travel mug (also a favorite product!). I can see using this organizer in many different places, including for sorting and organizing mail, stamps and bills.

Stacking Baskets

We have these stackable ventilated baskets from Sterilite in a couple of different sizes and use them in the kitchen and the bathroom as well as for general storage. The smaller basket fits perfectly in the bathroom drawer and helps to keep liquid cold and allergy medicines upright and together. In the kitchen, we use a smaller one for onions and a larger one for potatoes in a drawer for easy access. We keep the potato peeler and garlic press alongside in the same drawer for easy food prep!

Shallow Storage Boxes for Under Bed

For off-season and fancy pants clothing that we don’t want to keep in our limited closet and drawer space for clothing storage, we have four shallow 10 gallon storage boxes from Sterilite that are labeled – one for each member of the family which fit perfectly underneath our full-sized bed. These are heavy duty boxes that are part of a modular set that we use for our bulk storage, pantry storage and random stuff storage in the basement underneath our Class A motorhome.

Which brings us to…

Heavy Duty Modular Stackable Boxes

These modular Sterilite “stacker” boxes pictured right are kin to the ones we purchased at Wal-Mart in late 2014 (pictured above), but I like ours with the clear bins better. Regardless, the sturdy and rugged design of these boxes allows them to be stacked, and their modularity makes them perfect for our RV. We can mix and match sizes, pull boxes out and replace for rotating stock and supplies. We use a combination of 4 gallon, 7.5 gallon, 10 gallon, 19 gallon and 27 gallon boxes for everything from dry and canned goods, to the kids’ overflow games and crafts, to the sewer hose and wheel covers (not in the same box – ew!). Eighteen months later, and couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Paper and File Storage Boxes

I have a fetish for office supplies, I admit it. But I also have need to store many files for many different projects and these particular boxes Sterilite locking storage boxes (pictured left) are perfect for both file storage and for storing reams of printer paper. We also have a number of smaller boxes of this same style in which we store post-it notes, card games and other small office supplies. But mostly, office supplies. I told you I had a thing. 😉

Clear Rugged Boxes

These clear little rugged boxes are available in sizes from eensy weensy to 4″x6″ index card size. I keep one for pins that I use to attach things to the fabric sidewalls in my office area, and we have a larger one that is used to store our playing cards, UNO and all the dice.  The locking hinges on the ends ensure the box won’t open, even if it falls out of a cabinet and hits you in the head under way. Ask me how I know….

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